Stanton 520.V3

 Best cartridge in the 500 series for scratching
 Tight suspension performs at any tracking weight
 New industrial design

Designed with the most demanding cueing in mind, the 520.V3 offers the tightest suspension in the 500 family of products. The results: this cartridge can take the most demanding loads and deliver on point tracking during backspinning and scratching.

Perfect for:
 Hip-hop / Scratch DJs

Description Measurement
Frequency Response 20 to 17 kHz
Output @ 1kHz: 6.0mV
Channel Separation @ 1 kHz: 27dB
Channel Balance @ 1 kHz: within 2 dB
Tracking Force: 2 to 5 grams
Stylus Tip: Spherical .7 mil
Special High Polish
DC Resistance: 535 ohms.
Inductance: 400 mH
Cartridge Weight: 5.5 grams
Tracking Ability: 80µ @ 3 grams
Recommended Load: 47k ohms and 275 pF
Replacement Stylus: N 520
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